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The Return of the TigerKitten (5)

The TigerKitten fuselage construction is about as traditional as it gets …two identical side frames built up from balsa strips with a few shaped pieces in critical areas…but we get to combine state of the art stuff because those shaped pieces are laser cut. We could also use a more traditional adhesive like aliphatic resin […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (Flight Report)

This one was worth waiting for. A couple of weeks ago my good friend Gary Ritchie, who does all the flight photography you see here, called me and suggested that the weather was about as good as it would ever get at this time of year and did I want to go flying? As it […]

The Return of the TigerKitten (4)

On this airplane, the primary structure of each wing panel consists of all the ribs, the leading and trailing edges, the upper and lower 3/16″ sq. spars and the spar web inserts, and the various pieces that make up the wing tip assembly. So far I have built the and right panels in turn flat […]