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Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 12)

    Do you like it when all the separated parts of a project finally begin to come together? I certainly do, and…for me anyway… that’s what starting work on the fuselage of a new model airplane  is all about. As you’ve already figured out, I nearly always build the flying surfaces (wing and tail […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 11)

  We finished our last building session with the basic structure of the wing, as well as the engine nacelles aft of the cowls, all built. All that was left to complete the outline was the flaps and ailerons, and I’m going to build those now. Quite a few installments back I discussed adding “scale” […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 10)

  I finished off the last session (Part 9) by promising you a “prodigious mess of balsa shavings”  that would result from completing the job of shaping all four engine nacelles. Doing that turned out to be an exercises in using a sequence of traditional model airplane building tools…a modeler’s block plane, a model knife, […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 9)

  Part 8 of our “building the B-17” story ended with my giving you a sneak peek at the first of the aft nacelle fairing blocks stuck into place. In showing you that (as a hint of things to come) I got a little ahead of myself. Today I’m going to back up a step […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 8)

  I finished our last session of B-17 building  by closing-up/sheeting-in the forward section of one of the one of the engine nacelles. I’ve been doing nacelles for quite a while now and I’m sure it has occurred to you (as it did to me when I was planning the project) that four nacelles …all […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 7)

  I finished our last building session by closing up (adding the last of the 1/16”balsa sheet skin) the lower surface  of both wing panels and doing some final reinforcement and preliminary sanding around the flap well access With that done, the next step is to locate, mark and cut out the portions of the […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 6)

  We finished our last session in the shop with my showing you the E-Flite 10-25 electric RLG (retractable landing gear) system that’s going into the B-17. As I suggested then, there are a lot of things that have to happen…and a lot of decisions to be made… before I’ll be able to glue a […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 5)

  Last time I finished cleaning up the leading edge of the bottom of the wing and explained why I chose to leave the rear portion of the underside open for now. I also mentioned my reasons for getting the entire leading edge “closed up” before beginning any work on the four engine nacelles. Now […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 4)

  During our last B-17 session in the shop, I finished closing in the top surface of the wing  using my favorite “wet balsa sheet” method. You may have noticed then that I made no provision for the cutouts in each leading edge that are going to be necessary when it’s time to add the […]

Converting the 30″ Rubber Powered Dumas Piper J-4 to Electric RC…Some Extra Details and a Flight Report

  I’m going to begin this flight report by catching up on some of the last-minute details I don’t want to miss telling you about, as well as by sharing a story about this airplane that might at first seem to be more about not flying a new model than getting the results of your […]